Are you sick and tired of feeling like a slave to your symptoms? Do you wonder what it would be like to have healthy relationship with food? Is the onslaught of conflicting nutrition information out there only stressing you out?


Nutritional therapy is a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods, as well as therapeutic movement, quality sleep, and stress management to correct imbalances and dysfunction in the body. A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), according to the Nutritional Therapy Association, “is a nutritional therapist certified by the NTA to evaluate nutritional needs and make recommendations for dietary changes, helping clients balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness.”

Working together, we will explore the root causes contributing to your health issues, so that you can make the necessary nutrition and lifestyle changes that will lead to long-term improvements in your health and wellbeing. 

What can I expect from working with an NTP?

As your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), I work with you one-on-one in a virtual or in-person setting—depending on your location and preferences. The process can be broken down into 3 simple stages:


Tell me about yourself.

Paperwork & Initial Consultation

Once you’ve booked your initial consultation, you will automatically receive an email that prompts you to begin filling out several forms, including an Initial Intake Questionnaire, 3-day food journal, and a Nutritional Assessment. This helps me to evaluate your health history, current symptoms, nutritional habits, and lifestyle factors before we meet. (It’s crucial that you fill out these forms as honestly and thoroughly as possible, so that I know best how to help you. Remember, there’s never any judgment in this space!) During the 60-minute Initial Consultation, we will go over all of your forms together and discuss your biggest health concerns.

nutritional plan

Receive a nutrition plan.

Custom Plan & Recommendations

Based on your specific health goals, together we’ll create a custom nutritional roadmap—complete with detailed resources, protocols, and recommendations—suited for your biology and personality. This includes tangible action steps as well as tips for exercise, sleep, stress, and supplementation. At the end of our first session, you will also receive a graph that highlights which parts of your body’s foundations and symptoms need to be addressed, in order of priority. This graph will change over time to show improvements you have made.


Keep in touch.

Follow-Up Appointments

I’ll monitor your progress on a regular basis and provide support through email and biweekly/monthly follow-ups, as per your schedule and commitment level.

As time goes on and your habits evolve, you will start to notice that most of your symptoms lose their edge and eventually clear up altogether. The closer your body comes to restoring balance, the less you will need me to guide you. (This is the beauty of holistic nutrition—it’s not a band-aid, but a healer!) However, I am available for as long as you feel you are benefitting from our sessions together in order to achieve optimal wellness.

But what if I already have a doctor?

As an NTP, I cannot diagnose or treat any medical conditions. (Read my full disclaimer here.) Instead, I address the basic foundations of health (digestion, blood sugar, hydration, essential fatty acid balance, and mineral balance) to support your personal short- and long-term goals. Focusing on the whole body holistically, we can uncover the root causes of dysfunction rather than just addressing symptoms.

If you are diagnosed with a health condition that requires the care of a doctor, please make sure that you prioritize ongoing medical care with an MD! Recommendations from NTPs do NOT constitute medical advice and should not be taken as such. I will happily work alongside your doctor’s recommendations and support your body’s healing through diet and lifestyle so that you receive the best of both worlds.

If you require in-depth lab tests not provided by a regular MD, I can refer you to a naturopath or Functional Medicine Doctor. (Just a note: it’s often cost-effective and beneficial to work with a holistic nutritionist prior to seeing a Functional Medicine Doctor, simply because diet and lifestyle changes can drastically alter your lab test results. Once we’ve partnered together on those two things, you will have less work to do with an FMD—which means spending less $$$ in the long run.)

Sounds awesome!

Are you ready to take your first step to reclaiming your health? I know it can seem scary, but that’s why I’m here—to make this journey an enjoyable one! If you’re still unsure, feel free to contact me for specific questions or concerns here.